Alain CoteSpeaker
    Alain Cote, a graduate of Guelph University, teaches grade 6 Science and Math at Salisbury Middle School. He loves all things science and math, especially exploring the diversity of organic life with his students on the many tracks of forest and marsh land near the school. The students have a great time collecting specimens to examine and observe. Through this process of experiential learning, students understand and appreciate the value of organic life.

    My Device, My learning Program! 
    The students in Alain’s classes have been apprenticed in the iPad “My Device, My Learning Program” which is supported by Anglophone East School District. Based on the use of the iPad with his own students, Alain will share his experiences and the benefits to learning in terms of timely feedback, formative assessment, networking, teamwork, inquiry-based learning, and experiential exploration.
    July 5, 1:00 to 2:30 pm, Room – 2030