Angel M SongSpeaker

    Angel M Song: For over a decade Angel has been involved on the Marketing / Account Management side of the corporate world. His passions and interests have led him to work in many different industries ranging from Health & Fitness, Food & Beverage to Film. Being a member of Heroes Workshop (a Toronto based prop shop) for the past two years, Angel became exposed to the world of 3D printing and it wasn’t long before he found his way to where he now puts all of his experience to use as their Direct Sales & Marketing Associate. His current focus is to have schools explore the empowerment that 3D printing can provide to students on troubleshooting & problem solving, planning & execution and creative thinking when it comes to hands on learning.

    Co-presentig with Jacky Wan
     Since the first desktop 3D printer kits came available, Jacky, with his extensive background in Visual Effects and animation, has been pioneering his way to transfer his talent from digital to real life.  As the creative director and president of Thoughtform Digital Inc., he deals with virtual 3D problems and solutions on a daily basis.  Since working with Ultimaker, Jacky now considers all the implications of 3D printing in his designs, making him a leading designer specifically tailoring his designs for FDM printing.  In 2015, Jacky co-founded, Canada’s premier 3D printer reseller, representing some of the top 3D printing manufacturers in Canada.  With this new venture, he is able to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of 3D printing enthusiasts.

    “Heard of 3D Printing?  Then you must have heard people claim that the technology is so new it’s not ready for classroom use.  It’s big, it takes a ton of power and a full time engineer is required to run it.  Or maybe you’ve heard how it can make anything, drones, robots and even pancakes within minutes on demand.  Join us as we dispel the common myths of desktop 3D printing and how it can be used to unlock the creative potential of your students.”
    July 6, 12:45 to 2:15 pm, Room – 2039