Barry BrennandSpeaker

    Barry Brennand  leads Steelcase Inc.’s Education Group in Canada…Steelcase Education Research is associated with the Steelcase Workspace Futures research and development organization.  A graduate of the University of Toronto, Barry joined Steelcase in 1985.  He has held numerous leadership positions including Director of Workplace Consulting for Steelcase Canada Limited.  Barry has spoken extensively to end-users, design professionals and members of professional associations such as IFMA, CEFPI, STLHE, APPA and Corenet about organizational issues related to the physical environment.

    No learning space is more in need of fresh design thinking than the classroom 
    The traditional classroom design of a rectangular box filled with rows of desks facing the instructor and the front-of-the class writing board is ubiquitous. Today’s students and teachers are disadvantaged because outmoded classrooms inadequately support the three key elements of a successful learning environment:  pedagogy, technology, and space.  The new classroom transcends that box, integrates all three learning elements and provides a more effective learning environment.

    Barry will discuss spaces designed for Active Learning that better support teaching strategies and leverage digital and analog learning tools.  Insights gleaned from Steelcase research will be reviewed.

    July 5, 10:30 to 12:00 pm, Room – 2039