Julie RoySTEAM Exploration Centre

    Julie Roy: As a social engineer, Julie’s learning environments promote breaking down barriers to create solid understanding of foundational skills so that her students can propel themselves into engaging learning adventures to solve 21C challenges by becoming creators rather than consumers of technology. Julie Roy works at Lou MacNarin School in ASD-E as a Grade 5 Teacher,  Enrichment Coordinator, and also provides interventions as part of the ESS team.

    S.T.E.A.M. Exploration Centre 
    In the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics playground, teachers are invited to come and take part in adaptive and innovative teaching methods. This session will incorporate and not limit itself to: how to use Sphero robots and Ollie robotics in the classroom, how to incorporate MakeyMakeys into classrooms, Using Pasco/AYVA scientific to transform learning and many more!
    This will give attendees the opportunity to see these devices in action, rather than just hear about them. Allowing them the opportunity to play, will encourage them to transform their own classrooms.
    Sessions offered at all time, Room 1097