Mario ChiassonChair of AES

    Mario Chiasson has a proven passion to assist schools, districts and ministries to understand the impact of ICT in the education system and to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools in a meaningful way to engage students in their learning performances. In 2004 Mario took his education to the next level by completing a Masters Degree in ICT in school administration and conducted two major research projects on mobile learning;”My e-Backpack”  (175 students used an iPod touch as an instructional tool to support their learning in literacy and numeracy), and “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD) at school.  Mario is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator, a Cisco IT Essential Teacher, an Apple Teacher as well as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE).  Mario, his currently doing a Ph. D degree at Université de Moncton in school design in relationship with the development of computational thinking skills.

    Innovative Leadership Workshop
     The workshop will explore the relationship between leadership, pedagogy and technology and is guided by the question of: What are the conditions of a culture that supports meaningful technology enabled pedagogical practice?”  Through the workshop, participants will engage in a critical examination of current leadership frameworks that support system wide digital integration and explore examples of technology enhanced teaching and learning at a provincial, national and international level. Participants will also receive training on the development, and deployment of diagnostic measurement tools that provide baseline data that will inform their inquiry and articulation of their challenges of practice.


    Workshop will be co-presented with Rob Policiccio and Dr. Shawn Lennie
     July 5, 10:30 to 4:00 pm, R- Music Room
     July 6, 10:30 to 4:00 pm, R- Music Room