Simon GauvinSpeaker

    Simon founded Vizwik in 2009 based on the results of his Ph.D. research work at Dalhousie University in Computer Science where he invented new technology that dramatically reduces the complexity of programming. Having 20 years experience in software development and 10 years in the mobile industry he is bringing his innovations to solve complex issues now faced by educators in the ever changing world of software and mobile devices. An avid entrepreneur, researcher, educator, and musician Simon brings passion and conviction to the task at hand. He believes that a strong relationship between academia and industry is key to success in today’s technology-dominated world and continues to participate and publish research in collaboration with universities internationally.

    The effects of Robotics Programming on Computational Thinking and it’s Measurement
    Robotics programming has long been understood to have benefits to the learning and development of computer programs. However, little research has been performed around the benefits of this form of programming toward the development of Computational Thinking (CT) skills in students. In this session we present the results of a study of New Brunswick Aboriginal students and efficacy of coding with robotics and its ability to develop CT skills. We pay particular attention to how evaluation has been done in the past and present a new framework used in the study to determine changes to CT skills.
    July 5, 2:45 to 4:15 pm, Room 2026