Innovative Leadership 

The COVID-19 crisis marks a critical moment in education that has serious repercussions on the emotional, social, and financial well-being of leaders, teachers, and students. School closures has resulted in a huge loss of learning and if left untreated, today’s learners will face tougher educational paths and fewer opportunities in the labour market for years to come.

Teachers and school administrators have gone to great lengths to unleash creative ways of learning, such as remote learning, while ensuring safety and well-being to their students. Some researchers believe that these changes have provided opportunities to rethink education. According to Netolicky (2020), in this time of change by necessity, teachers and school administrators have shown leadership by engaging in deep and integrated learning, iterating, and fine-tuning their practice as they go. Colleagues within schools but also across schools, systems, and countries assisted their peers with planning, learning technologies, remote pedagogy, feedback strategies and methods of assessing.

Regardless of title or position, this collective leadership has led to a deep collaboration to help others by sharing resources, processes, and knowledge to meet the needs of today’s society.

To maintain the momentum and to emerge stronger in our “next normal”, we must be ahead of the curve and act quickly to spark tomorrow’s innovation. The 2021 Atlantic Education Institute provides an opportunity to bring educators together to foster flourishing schools and communities by learning the power of innovative leaders.

The 2021 Atlantic Education Institute will feature industry experts, dedicated principals and teachers who are willing to share their innovative practices so you can gain new insights inspiring you to lead your way into the future, for the good of the schools, school systems and communities.