Call for submission

The Atlantic Education Institute 2021, under the theme Innovative Leadership, invites you to submit yourresearch proposal for its “research” component. Aiming to inspire educators facing the impending changes of the 21st century, the Institute wishes to share the state of knowledge of recent research on the leadership of the school system in the digital age. Leadership is defined as the influence of an individual on a group in terms of the practices and knowledge of administrators, teachers and non-teachers from all educational and community settings.

In an innovative spirit of this initiative, the selected papers will be pre-recorded and available for consultation by delegates during and after the Institute, which will take place from 26 July to 6 August 2021. This format constitutes a unique opportunity to transmit your knowledge and to benefit from a showcase to display your research results without being physically or virtually present on the dates.

We invite you to complete this “Submission Form” no later than July 5, 2021, at midnight. A notice of acceptance will be sent to you on July 10, 2021, following the review of your proposal, according to a “double blind” procedure. Please note that a pre-recorded session of 20–30 minutes will be allocated to each accepted communication

Proposal: A summary of your research (maximum 200 words) must be submitted by completing the form here:“Submission Form” on or before July 5, 2021

The evaluation of proposals will be based on their scientific and professional quality (clarity and logic of the approach, call for a theoretical basis and/or appropriate documentary support, originality), their relevance to the theme, via a “double blind” process.

An acceptance email will be sent to you no later than July 10.

Final proposal: Your 20–30-minute video link must be sent to Dr. Mario Chiasson ( by July 15.

Thus, participants of the Institute will have access to your presentation recorded from July 26 to October 26, 2021.



The reinvention of the education system is no longer to be wished or discussed; it is an inescapable necessity that has been the subject of much discussion in recent years. But what are the implications and conditions for reinventing the educational environments of the 21st century?

The Atlantic Institute of Education 2021 aims to explore all facets pertaining to reinvention school environments. Several factors are linked to this, leadership, both in terms of the practices and knowledge of the academics, of the teaching and non-teaching staff and of the community environment. Consequently, many underlying questions arise, including the following (non-exhaustive list):

  1. To what extent and how does digital technology make it possible to reinvent teaching practices?
  2. In the age of Industry 4.0, what is the role of schools? colleges? universities?
  3. How can we use digital technology as a vehicle for inclusion and to meet diverse needs: teens, disadvantaged people, newcomers, Indigenous people, people with disabilities?
  4. How do the new physical and digital spaces make it possible to reinvent oneself (training, tools, etc.)?
  5. How to develop skills (collaboration, etc.)?
  6. How do these innovations fit in ecologically, economically, copyright, etc.?
  7. What criteria will serve as a basis for the evaluation of learning?
  8. Or any other education-related topic deemed relevant