Michael Chiapetta is a successful business consultant whose work focuses on corporate, civic, and community development in Chicago. Actively partnering with key players in the Chicago tech community, he has most recently spearheaded the establishment of the Chicago Apprentice Network, a rapidly growing program helping recent graduates acquire the tech skills they will need for success.

We continue to gain strong momentum in the Chicago Apprentice Network by building awareness and excitement around apprentice programs, then working with companies to help build similar programs within their organizations.  Since the launch of the Chicago Apprentice Network in August 2017, we now have 23 companies engaged and 400 apprentice roles committed to date, with a goal of creating 1,000 apprentice opportunities by 2020 in Chicago.

See below for a few highlights around the Apprentice program and network in the last few months…

  • Washington Post Op Ed from Greg Case (Aon CEO) and Julie Sweet (Accenture N.A. CEO)
    • Discussing on how employers have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to fix our labor market through apprentice programs – link
    • Chicago Apprentice Network playbook on how to build an Apprentice program – link
  • Videos that provides a great overview of the Aon & Accenture apprentice programs
    • through the lens of an Aon Apprentice – link
    • overview of our apprentice program and the Chicago Apprentice Network – link
  • ABC 7 News covering the Accenture Apprentice Program
    • Jobs pipeline created by Chicago businesses and City Colleges – link
  • Harvard Business School study, Dismissed by Degrees, which highlights the “degree inflation” companies have been embedding in their recruiting process since the last recession – link